We are interior designers and space planners.

Our commitment is to the success of our projects, no matter what!

Space Pairing™

Imagine your perfect office: every space intentionally chosen and created. No design surprises or awkward meeting rooms.

Space Planning

Space planning is the discipline of planning your interior space for optimal use.

Office Interior Design

Every working environment should be tailor made to support the business housed within.

Designer Office Furniture

Designer office furniture, custom designed and custom made to suite any environment.

Retail & Hospitality Interior Design

Your brand, your product, your staff; all must be accommodated in the best possible way to create the right experience for your customers.

Interior Design Project Management

Interior design project management is the discipline of managing the construction of your interior space project from beginning to end. As a 'project based' team, we offer the turnkey service of design, manage and build.

About us

We’re a team of highly motivated, creative and dynamic individuals.
Our aim, at time&space, is to deliver THE superior project.
We don’t just sell furniture and finishes, we don’t just make pretty spaces.
We offer solutions. We make a plan!

We have spent our careers learning about commercial spaces.
We realise that your office is more than just a showcase of your organisation.

Your work space is home, to you and your team.

We continue to learn, every day, in this ever changing world…
Our customers drive us to grow and move with the trends that dictate their business needs.

We build work space interiors… perfectly, on time and within budget.  Always.

Mind-Blowing Proposals
Genius Plans
Ideal Solutions
Brilliant Ideas

Our Clients' Feedback

We have received awesome feedback over the years. This is what our clients have to say:

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