Designer Office Furniture

There are many areas within the workspace that require tailor made furniture to suite the function of that space as well as the corporate identity of the business. Although basic office furniture can be sourced at a general office furniture retail store if necessary, designer office furniture is the custom designed and custom made furniture that is created specifically to suite an environment.

Designer office furniture cannot be purchased from a showroom floor because it is not mass produced for the general market. When designer office furniture is required, the services of a professional interior design company are needed.

At time&space we are highly experienced in creating custom furniture to suite your individual business requirements. We are meticulous about creating the best designer office furniture solution for your needs. The design of the furniture item is the first step in the process. The manufacture of the furniture is critical because it must be made with precision to suite the site it is intended for, we manage this process carefully to ensure a perfect installation.

Executive Office Furniture

Executive office furniture

Office furniture is designed to suite the function of the individual to be ‘housed’ at that particular workstation.

Executive office furniture is usually designed to accommodate high level executive team members who have a certain status within the given organisation and whose job function dictates that they require more space to execute their given tasks.

Most executives spend more time liaising with staff and meeting with their teams.

For this reason executive office furniture is usually large enough to accommodate at least two visitors comfortably, at the desk, for a working meeting. Status also, often, dictates that executive office furniture should be larger.

In many organisations this is no longer the case, with executives, preferring to be seen as a part of the team and choosing a more modest workstation. Certain companies, and in particular usually state offices, require that their executives be seen as ‘set apart’ by way of the design of their executive office furniture.

Open Plan Office Furniture

Open plan office furniture

Open Plan offices areas take up the bulk of any office. There are many reasons for this but primarily, companies, recognise that space is expensive and offices are becoming more dense with people being accommodated to the maximum per square meter.

Also, work teams must be allocated within close proximity to one another to accommodate collaborative work behaviour. There are many different ways to space plan an open plan office area and this is dictated by the team that fills that space and their working requirements. For this reason open plan office furniture styles and designs vary broadly and can be tailor made to suite the team, the organisation and the given space.

Open plan office furniture has many details and accessories that can be varied in order to suite the team needs such as screening solutions, storage options, collaboration requirements, reticulation and overall workspace allocation… just to name a few.

Meeting Room Furniture

Meeting room furniture

Meeting room furniture designs vary to suite the required use of the meeting room in questions. Factors that influence the variance in design are size of the room, amount of people required to be seated, the use of the room i.e. is the room required for video or tele conferencing? With room be sued for presentations?

Will the room be used for collaboration or team work groups or training? Is the room going to be used for short periods of time or is the meeting room going to be used for long, all-day, meetings.

These factors will influence the style of furniture, choice of seating, use of finishes etc. The more Audio Visual the room is required to host, such as presentations or video conferencing, the higher the demand will be for sound control in the room. Meeting room furniture plays an important role in facilitating all of the above requirements and meeting room furniture designs will vary accordingly.

Custom Made Furniture

Custom furniture design

When it comes to selecting furniture for any commercial or office environment there are many routes one can take.

The most important thing to consider when selecting and purchasing furniture for your work environment is ‘does the furniture item support its required function’. Very often, standard, readily available furniture does not serve the purpose that it is required to serve, successfully.

This is where we propose custom furniture design. We are trained to create the ideal solution to your requirements and any piece of furniture can be designed and custom made to suite your requirements. We understand the use of the correct materials and finishes as well as the best manufacturing solutions to work with your brief and within your budget.