Interior Design Project Management

Once your space planning and office layout design as well as all other interior design and décor requirements are complete and approved for installation there is a requirement for the management of that installation process.

Interior design project management is the discipline of managing the construction of your interior space project from beginning to end. The turnkey service of design, manage and build takes the pressure off you, the client, so that you can focus on what your business does best.

At time&space our interior design project management program is run with the strictest of controls in place to ensure the successful completion of your project within your agreed budget parameters and time frame always! We employ a thorough interior design project management program that monitors the project step by step.

Our interior designers and space planners are involved in this process to assist the project management team with quality control. Our sites are management constantly on a daily basis and we include our clients in this process to ensure that we are meeting your expectations every step of the way.

Interior Design Site Management

Site management

Site management involves the constant supervision of all contractors and suppliers on site to ensure the successful outcome of every project.

Good site management and consistency are the only way to ensure the successful execution of your project.

There are no short cuts when it comes to the site management process and the only way to ensure success is to constantly manage the process by being present on site.