Office Interior Design

Your workspace says everything about your organisation.
The age old saying about first impressions is true for your office interior design.
What does your office interior design say about your company?
Every working environment should be tailor made to support the business housed within.
We realise that your office is more than just a showcase of your organisation.
Your work space is home, to you and your team. Is it a space that you want to be in… every single day?
Does your office interior design support your core function? Does the environment inspire productivity, enhance performance?
We have spent our careers learning about commercial spaces.

We continue to learn, every day, in this ever changing world… Our customers drive us to grow and move with the trends that dictate their business needs.
Our job is to create environments suited to your work function, brand and comfort.
We utilise the most exceptional team, products and services to execute each project.

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design at work

Modern interior design is an ever changing, living concept.

Interior design trends are ever changing, influenced by many factors such as fashion trends, seasons, economic trends, global political trends, local trends, technology and so on.

Because trends change so often and so fast it’s not viable to update your interior space as often as trends change.

Although it is important for your office interiors to reflect that your company is up to date with current trends and therefore a part of the world in which you do business, it is even more important that your business space should reflect your organisation’s brand and culture.

In addition to that your office interior must speak to your target market and if your market is anyone who lives in the modern world then your office space must reflect that your company is a part of the modern world by employing modern interior design.

Reception Area Design

Reception area design

What does your office space say about your company?

First impressions are the only impressions that really count and your reception area is the first point of contact between your business and your visiting customer.

What is the initial impression that your visitor has of your company, its culture, its position in the market place?

These are all important points to consider. An impressive reception area design is vital to creating the best first impression.

Boardroom and Meeting Room Design

Boardroom and meeting room design

The original meaning of the term ‘boardroom’ is the room in which the board of a company meets. Traditionally these oversized, grand rooms were preserved for use by only the elite members of the company, referred to as ‘the board ‘, who would have lengthy periodic, meetings to make the decisions that ‘steered’ the company.
Presently, we find, that although the board will still meet, as in days before, the purpose of the boardroom has become that of a multifunctional space that is used by many of the work teams and company team leaders for meetings, presentations and work groups.

Very often we are required to create boardroom designs that can facilitate all of these functions as well as training sessions, break-away time and company meetings for all staff.

The boardroom is still hailed as the most important room in the office and now its function has grown to serve the needs of the entire company at one time or another.

Long live the boardroom.
Your office environment should be geared to suite how you, and your team, work, think and collaborate.

Audio visual technology affords us every opportunity to create space that supports how you work.

Work teams are working efficiently in shared spaces such as meeting rooms and these spaces are required to have all the plug and play facilities needed for this collaborative work as well as for presentations to clients.

Meeting room design is as varied as it is required to be, with the emphasis being on the function of the room.

The creative options are endless, whether you want a traditional meeting room or a meeting space that encourages play and creative brainstorming sessions. Just imagine what can be done with meeting room design…