Retail Interior Design

Retail interior design is more than just the look and feel of a shop space.

The space not only encourages interaction with your product but is responsible for facilitating your customers’ entire experience while shopping for your product or service.

Your brand, your product, your staff, all of these elements must be accommodated in the best possible way to create the right shopping experience.

After all… you only have one shot at capturing your retail audience. Get it right first time

Retail Store Layout

Retail store layout

The layout of a retail store supports the brand, product and staff within.

A cleverly planned store will, not only, be a pleasure to visit and a pleasure to work in, but will lead the customer through the space in a methodical way that allows your product to unfold and be experienced in the most enticing way.

There are many considerations when laying out a store space. Easy navigation through the space is paramount to the successful shopping experience

Retail Layout Design

Retail layout design

Product within a store space must be carefully positioned in order to grab every opportunity for attention from possible customers.

Product must be easily accessible, cleverly and appropriately displayed and demonstrated.

Retail Shopfitting Services

Retail shop fitting services

The fitting out of a retail store will define, and support, the purpose of the space. Display furniture must be perfectly suited to the product that it serves.

Badly displayed product will not sell easily. Shop fitting a store involves custom and standard product displays as well as the finishes and services within the store, such as flooring, wall finishes, electrical and lighting fittings and signage.