Space Pairing™

Imagine your perfect office: every space intentionally chosen and created. No design surprises or awkward meeting rooms.

Most people choose an office space first, and then get a designer to build and craft the interior. This is a mistake. Your interior designer understands how to create a space to suit your needs, and the building you choose for that space is part of those needs.

That’s why we offer a unique service we call Space Pairing™

What is Space Pairing™?

Space Pairing™ is using your interior designer to hunt for your ideal office space. This unique service helps you find an office space that matches your unique needs, and then create a design to optimise the shell into your perfect space. We start by doing a workspace needs analysis with you and then, using our years of design and space planning experience, go in search of the perfect space for you.

Why do you need it?

There are many reasons why this is a savvy decision:

  • Office space is expensive. It’s a long-term commitment, and one you shouldn’t rush into. Making the right choice the first time will save you money. By doing a needs analysis beforehand, you’ll be able to determine what size space you require and will ensure you avoid making an expensive mistake. You never know, you might not need as much space as you think.  
  • Frustration. There’s nothing more frustrating than picking a space only to find out from your designer later that it lacks a lot of what you need to match your needs.
  • Less hassle. And, as we speak to brokers and office space owners for you, we minimise the hassle associated with searching for new office space.
  • Save Time. Space Pairing™ streamlines the process of finding office space, by eliminating office spaces that don’t fit.

Space Pairing™ in four steps:

So, how do we do space pairing™? We implement it in four steps:

  1. We start by doing a needs analysis with you. This helps us understand your organisation and define your unique space needs.
  2. We’ll then draw up a detailed report of your office space needs, which can be given to brokers and landlords to give them an understanding of exactly what you need.
  3. Once that is complete, we’ll partner with brokers and landlords to match the perfect property to your needs.
  4. When we find a space/s we feel matches your needs, we’ll do a walk-through with you to talk you through the benefits of the space.

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